Novel Instruments for Minimally Invasive Techniques
IMDI.NL - Innovative Medical Devices Initiative
Surg-on Medical with Steerable punch
A new steerable punch presented by Surg-on Medical, spin off of TU Delft

NIMIT will develop innovative devices and procedures for minimally invasive interventions with extra value to science, society and business. The mission of the NIMIT is to develop novel, affordable and easy-to-use minimally invasive instruments, capable of safely and effectively reaching all critical parts of the body,  and making local diagnosis and  therapy possible

Projects (show all)
Force Sense on Medica 201516 December 2015 
The ForceSence system developed by Medishield, a spin off from the TU Delft was demonstrated on Medica. Our minister was very enthousiastic about the system.
Steerable Arthroscopic Punch13 June 2014 
Within this project the critical step from proof-of-principle to a prototype steerable arthroscopic punch will be made.
Fast Prototypes: NIMIT Development Center28 November 2013 
Within this new NIMIT Development Program, new methods and processes will be developed to speed up the crucial and critical step from proof-of-principle to a prototype.